About DJP

No matter what the client requests we have always managed to create the desired look without failure 100% of the time..

- Dallas Purdey

My Father once said there can be a great career in bricklaying and stonework if you one day want to fill my shoes, and thats exactly what I have done.
From playing in the sand piles and making pretend cities with the rocks and bricks has led me to creating designer homes, resorts and timeless pieces with the very things I grew up with! It was only a matter of time before it became more than a job. Now its my love and my passion.
For 16 years I have been building homes from rocks, blocks, bricks and other materials architects and clients wish me to create with.

Have a project?

Offering friendly no obligation quotes and advice. We cater to your specific needs and can offer a complete solution helping you project get completed rapidly and stress free.

Our team help you with

- Custom Design
- Concept
- 5 year Guarantee
- Plans and Permits
- All Council meeting
- Supply of all products and materials
- Management of external trades
- Melbourne to Portsea
- Heritage listed home specialist

Our specialty

- Bathroom Renovations
- Blockwork
- Extensions
- Brick Fences
- Fireplaces
- Brick Pointing
- Alterations & Additions
- New Buildings
- Piering
- Pavers
- Driveways
- Garden Edges
- Paths
- Patios
- Pool Areas
- Retaining Walls
- Concrete Retaining Walls
- Stone Retaining Walls
- Timber Retaining Walls
- Stonemasons
- Restoration & Repairs
- Stone Flagging
- Stone Walls

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